where is the will that leads to a way

by Oliver Karuna

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this project was put together over the course of a couple rainstorms sometime between march and when this is eventually released. it will be free for a month.

it follows the storylines of one father, his two daughters, his son, friends, associates and I.

this is the last low quality sleeping pill melancholia cloud audio poetry project i plan to make as i'm going to be moving onto other projects.

p.s -
if you're looking for a reason why some people like me shouldn't make music this is the reason why. it's shit and i never planned to release it but fuck it all.

-extra information/official artist review-

GENRE: low quality sleeping pill melancholia cloud audio poetry
QUALITY: low/terrible, not worth the price, this is proof that some people shouldn't be allowed to make music
CONTENT: there is literally nothing worth taking out of it, it's all drivel
LENGTH: the average track is about 2 minutes, one minute of which will be spent wondering if this will get any better, and one minute will be spent punching yourself for spending a dollar on this project. by the time two minutes is up you would, by then, have hopefully knocked yourself (preferably for exactly the length of the album so you won't wake up with more regrets)
RECOMMENDATION: avoid if you don't like regretful decisions. listen if you want another person to add to your list of people i hate/who i want to kill with words and peanut butter.


thanks elusive, jee juh, oculus and southpaw for providing a few of the instrumentals used in this project. without your support this project would have not been possible. thanks to all the people i have encountered in my life, thanks to everyone in general.


released May 3, 2017

Oliver Karuna: Vocals, Lyrics, Production, Sampling, Mixing
Elusive, Jee Juh, Oculus, Southpaw: Instrumentals, Production



all rights reserved


Aurela Recordings Sydney, Australia

aurela recordings is a small group of people that use "noise" as a creative outlet. primarily, we make sounds for ourselves to reflect upon and question.

as of 14/08/17, aurela recordings has been shut down.

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Track Name: the other half of the half written note
the other half of the half written note

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,
Honesty is a travesty,
I make music,
Because imitation is the sincerest form of an apology,
And music is my way of saying sorry,
Sorry, I should have stayed within the boundaries,
Of my reverie,
That knew you and I could never be,
But I still see you in my dreams,
And that's enough for me,
To know your still part of my alternate reality,
Of how things could have been,
You're all I need,
sweet callow naivety,
Even if you won't talk to me,
Know that I won't consider you to be,
An enemy,
Know that I still have the capacity,
To love my enemies,
Even if their love isn't available in my vicinity,
I should move on,
But I'm still holding on to one last possibility,
I'm in an estuary,
Hoping we can sail,
Into the same dream somewhere upstream,
My worlds dreary, yours is eerie,
Or so it seems,
we only see what could have been,
because it's what we want to see,
and not how it's always been,
we want control of everything we seek,
idea of you and me,
Two elements to a galaxy,
perfect till we meet,
Or so it seems,
I found myself in you,
and you never noticed me,
finding you in me,
i bury thoughts till I'm buried,
maybe I should let them free,
Excuse myself and openly speak,
but it's never that easy,
when approaching someone you like,
because they're your light,
fragile, bright, only thing in sight,
and every line is heavy,
when your mind,
becomes a minefield,
filled with signs of stage fright,
the last person i liked,
closed her eyes as i began to open mine,
saddens me sometimes,
when im not thinking about you or suicide,
im lost,
im free to draw my way outside,
but I'm drawn to the lines,
knowing that im not worth your time,
i walk my eyes past bedtime,
following sleep till sunrise ends the chase,
with a cappuccino and a half written note,
beside assembled rope,
I'll let you know,
before i go,
a hello from you is worth more to me,
than anything I've ever known,
you were my better tomorrow,
I love you,
Till love does us part,
With broken hearts and art of painted pasts,
I wish you only the best,
a beat in a strangers chest

-Oliver Karuna (c)